One-Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream!

I’d seen this simple recipe a million times but until I started Piyo I just dismissed it; why would I want to eat “ice cream” made from bananas?  Now that I’m focused on clean eating & working out hard, I get it: I’m dedicated to the Piyo food plan and, after being at it for 1.5 weeks, I am starting to feel the need for a few treats here and there.  Woman cannot live on Healthy Green Smoothies alone – sometimes, she needs ice cream.

You won’t believe how amazing this is, and how easy, and how healthy.  Oh, and also, how variable – see below for optional add-ins to make this a real treat!

Piyo Totals:

  • 2 Fruits  (Tip: Simply eat half of this recipe for a 1 Fruit treat, and put the other half in the freezer for another day!)


  • One banana, sliced into 1/4″ chunks and frozen for at least 24 hours


Put your frozen banana into the food processor and pulse for approximately 30-60 seconds.  If your chunks get stuck in the blades, carefully remove them with a spatula and keep pulsing.  Be careful, because after awhile the heat from the processor will start to melt the ice cream!  Blend until smooth.  Eat the whole portion for a 2-fruit treat, or for a 1-fruit count put the other half into a container & freeze for later.

Delicious (optional) flavor combos:

  • Mint Chocolate Chip: a few drops of peppermint oil with a handful of dairy-free dark chocolate chips and pulse in the food processor for 10-15 seconds. [Piyo Count: 1 tsp chocolate chips = 1 Fat]
  • Cherry Vanilla (Chocolate Chip): add a few frozen cherries and a few drops of vanilla and pulse. Optional: throw in a few chocolate chunks for a “Cherry Garcia” treat!  [Piyo Count: 1 & ¼ Cups cherries = 1 fruit,  1 tsp chocolate chips = 1 Fat]
  • Chocolate Coconut: add unsweetened coconut flakes and a tablespoon or two of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter: Add a tablespoon or two of unsweetened cocoa powder and a teaspoon of peanut butter (or other nut butter).  [Piyo Count: 1 tsp nut/seed butter =  1 fat]

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