Oil-Free Salad Dressings

I just realized that I’m using up one of my very precious servings of Fat by putting a tablespoon of homemade dressing on my daily lunch salad… hmmm… if there was a way to leave the oil out of those dressings, then I’d have that serving of fat to use in something more delicious, like a piece of homemade vegan chocolate, for example!

Right now I get 3 fats per day, but when I drop 2 more pounds I’ll then also drop to 2 fats per day.  Ouch!

So I just found this list of vegan homemade oil-free salad dressings and I’m going to whip one up tomorrow.  In fact, the first one on the list sounds like exactly the dressing I made earlier this week – except without the oil!  I’ll report back on this…


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